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West Coast Swing Instructional Videos

Robert Cordoba: 11 tapes available. Fundamentals 1, 2, 3, Syncopations, Intermediate & Advanced Patterns 1, 2, 3. Each tape $49.95 plus shipping.

Breaks & Hesitations 1, 2, 3, 4. Each tape $39.

List the tape(s) you want and send your Name, Address, Home & Work Phone, plus $3 Shipping & Handling to: Cordoba Tapes, 1017 Grevelia St., South Pasadena, CA 91030-2507. (818) 441-8381. E-mail: Swingimp@aol.com

Buddy Schwimmer: 12 tapes available. West Coast Swing I, II, III, IV, Syncopations I, II, East Coast Swing, Jitterbug & Shag, Nite Club Two Step I, II, Hustle I, II. Each tape is $99 which includes tax and shipping to North America.

Make checks payable to: Dancing For Everybuddy. #A110, 12240 Perris Boulevard, Moreno Valley, CA 92557. (909) 243-9438.

Kelly Buckwalter: 5 tapes available. Beginning West Coast Swing, Spins & Turns, Body Isolations, Intermediate Syncopations, Advanced Female Syncopations. (707) 544-8184.

West Coast Swing Music

Wesley Boz: (919) 981-5888.

e-mail: DebyRamsey@aol.com

Dance Shoes

Parti-Time Dance Shoes: Ship Via UPS Anywhere. 439 Grange Cross, Norman, OK. (800) 354-3101.

E-mail: partitme@okc.oklahoma.net

Dance Clothing

For fabulous Swing Dance Clothing contact www.swingkitten.com


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