WEST COAST SWING"New Age" West Coast Swing

by I.J. Wanadans

A man asks, "Would you like to dance?" A woman responds, "Sure." Three minutes later he says, "That was fun, thanks alot." She says, "Save me one for later." This seemingly simple communication encloses a truely cosmic event. In the three minutes of silence separating the hello and the good-bye a man and woman "talk" to each other in ways many would consider "New Age." We become Psychics and Sensitives.

When you walk on the dancefloor you prepare yourself in relaxed concentration, all physical systems boot-up. Closed position starts you off and the energy of each partner immediately intermingles. Shape, size, texture, strength, and smell all mesh together. Are you making dance or making love?

From the open position the connection is maintained through the hands. Both partners become absorbed in the "feel" of the other. A good lead is an "invitation," neither too soul-less nor too demanding. A good follow is "sensed," neither vacant nor anticipated. Ask a good dancer how she follows so well and she'll say "I just 'felt' it, I 'saw' it in his eyes."

Well, what do you mean you "saw" it in his eyes? Does one wink mean underarm turn and two winks means side pass? Does eyes to the right mean basket and eyes to the left mean whip? Exactly how do those ladies look into your eyes and receive knowledge? I think it's one of those "witch"-type things we men, through the ages, have never been able to figure out and always refuse to believe in. We know they do it all the time yet when our eyes deceive our words we always counter with something stupid like, "Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it." We used to burn them at the stake!

Boys, boys, boys...just accept it, live with it, and take advantage of it. Have you ever tried to really relay telepathically what your next move is going to be? You will truely be amazed at the capacity of a woman to get the message. Let those shields down, turn the spigot all the way open, let your eyes be the Broadcast Center. Now, isn't this what you would learn at a New Age weekend retreat costing hundreds of dollars and yielding little results?

If you ever want to discourage a woman from asking you to dance, first accept graciously and then try this tactic. Think side pass and lead underarm turn. Think tuck turn and lead a basket. Think whip with an outside turn and lead an inside turn. Do the same three moves in reverse...thinking one and leading the other. You'll have a blast and after one or two dances she'll likely be soliciting other men and passing on you!

When Aliens from outer space invade planet Earth do you really think they will seek out Politicians, Army Generals, or the mass media? Heck, no! They'll be looking to dance!!! WCSA members, being the friendly group we are, will be much more interested in their West Coast variations than their green color, large eyes, and funny antennae. With a majority vote of the Board of Directors they could even give a Saturday Guest Workshop!

If I took the Space Shuttle to Pleadies I know the first place I would go would be Carey's Crib to check out the Pleadian women and show off my Earth moves. The ladies could safely comingle with the strange invaders and report back to their nervous males that my lead was gentle but certain, my whips and baskets were clean, and my intentions were open and trustworthy. What better way to calm a civilization's fears of an interplanetary invasion than to immediately dance with them!

So, you see what a cosmic group we really are...truely on the cutting edge of cosmic evolution.